AMD Unveils AI Chips for Consumer PCs

The chip manufacturer has released its AI processors or chips – the Ryzen PRO 8040 for laptops and the Ryzen PRO 8000 series for desktops.

The AI PC is the new goal chip manufacturers wish to realize. From Apple and Nvidia to Intel and AMD, every company wants LLMs to run locally and training to become quicker. Enter AI chips – the new hardware that is inherently superior to a GPU, the hardware used so far for AI training and operations such as inferencing LLMs or getting responses to AI chatbot prompts.

AMD announced that the rollout will begin with HP and Lenovo machines. The push into AI is a profitable business venue that the company simply has to pursue. It even revamped its whole design language, breaking away from the gamer-oriented brand and the bland corporate looks, both, to go for a middle-ground and modern approach (AI Solutions | AMD).

Before these chips, AMD announced the Instinct MI300X to compete with Nvidia’s H100, which is a corporate use case (data centers use these chips for training) and not meant for consumers. But with every company talking up the “AI PC Era” that’s coming, it makes sense to also invest in consumer AI hardware.

The new PRO series chips are within the Ryzen brand, which is historically a product line for computer processors (direct competitors to Intel).

The idea is that these new chips will replace older AMD processors. They will do all the tasks of a processor but will also have capabilities that aid in AI workloads. As Windows has already started rolling out Copilot, an AI engine, with the operating system, the need for an AI-enabled heart in the PC becomes very important (as Windows is just the software that still needs actual hardware to do work).

By Abhimanyu

Unwrapping the fast-evolving AI popular culture.