Artificial intelligence and machine learning have permeated nearly all practical spheres of our lives, making them an instant sensation with new tools and models promising new things every week. Here, I try to cover this AI popular culture as it unfolds, picking important news stories and publishing them after careful deliberation.



10 Arguments for AI Being the Digital Atom Bomb: Deepfakes, the threat of nuclear war and bioterrorism, job and CEO replacement, the ease of political disinformation, copyright violations, licensing training data, outperforming humans, and the fears of self-replication — here’s an update on the new-age threats faced by the speedy research into artificial intelligence.

“I think there will come a time in the not-so-distant future, like we’re not talking decades and decades from now, where frontier AI systems are capable of causing significant global harm. I’d be super nervous about regulatory overreach here. I think we get this wrong by doing way too much or a little too much. I think we can get this wrong by doing not enough.” Sam Altman, OpenAI CEO (All-In Podcast E178)

OpenAI dissolved its superalignment team that focused on the long-term risks of keeping their LLMs grounded for humanity’s benefit. The research will be handled by existing departments now. Despite much fanfare about companies striving to work on aligning their models for safety reasons, there’s really not much to do in this space in the way of active research. May 20, CNBC

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I keep a list of sources about AI, ML, deep learning, and related fields that I check regularly. Anything that’s worth talking is picked up from these sources. The sources include Twitter lists, subreddits, AI/tech sections of big news websites, and a bunch of daily newsletters. Of course, sometimes I miss a few stories. I also ignore stories that are too shallow, such as a rumor or a minor leak because of my limited bandwidth.

When I find a story worth covering, I research all of its facets, often reading multiple articles to formulate the core of the matter. Then, I write on the story with my own opinions and biases. Nobody’s knowledge is perfect, and so, I do my best to clarify my research process and link to important resources throughout my coverage.

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