Artificial intelligence and machine learning have permeated nearly all practical spheres of our lives, making them an instant sensation with new tools and models promising new things every week. Here, I try to cover this AI popular culture as it unfolds, picking important news stories and publishing them after careful deliberation.



10 Arguments for AI Being the Digital Atom Bomb: Deepfakes, the threat of nuclear war and bioterrorism, job and CEO replacement, the ease of political disinformation, copyright violations, licensing training data, outperforming humans, and the fears of self-replication — here’s an update on the new-age threats faced by the speedy research into artificial intelligence.

“I think there will come a time in the not-so-distant future, like we’re not talking decades and decades from now, where frontier AI systems are capable of causing significant global harm. I’d be super nervous about regulatory overreach here. I think we get this wrong by doing way too much or a little too much. I think we can get this wrong by doing not enough.” Sam Altman, OpenAI CEO (All-In Podcast E178)

Today The Atlantic is announcing a strategic content and product partnership with OpenAI, which positions The Atlantic as a premium news source within OpenAI. The Atlantic’s articles will be discoverable within OpenAI’s products, including ChatGPT, and as a partner, The Atlantic will help to shape how news is surfaced and presented in future real-time discovery products. Queries that surface The Atlantic will include attribution and a link to read the full article on May 29, The Atlantic

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I keep a list of sources about AI, ML, deep learning, and related fields that I check regularly. Anything that’s worth talking is picked up from these sources. The sources include Twitter lists, subreddits, AI/tech sections of big news websites, and a bunch of daily newsletters. Of course, sometimes I miss a few stories. I also ignore stories that are too shallow, such as a rumor or a minor leak because of my limited bandwidth.

When I find a story worth covering, I research all of its facets, often reading multiple articles to formulate the core of the matter. Then, I write on the story with my own opinions and biases. Nobody’s knowledge is perfect, and so, I do my best to clarify my research process and link to important resources throughout my coverage.

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