Meta, IBM, Dell, Sony, AMD, Intel, and Others Create “AI Alliance”

Meta, IBM, Intel lead the 47-strong AI Alliance, a new partnership for responsible AI research & development.

A new organization called AI Alliance, led by Meta and IBM and including many of the world’s biggest companies, universities, and noteworthy startups has been set up to “articulate, simply put, that the future of AI is going to be built fundamentally on top of the open scientific exchange of ideas and on open innovation, including open source and open technologies.”

Notably, Microsoft, OpenAI, Nvidia, and Google are not part of this.

On the official website, the Alliance describes itself as a community of tech creators and adopters that will collaborate to advance safe and responsible AI, rooted in open innovation. There are a total of 47 members of the AI Alliance.

This international community will work on developing, researching, and creating technology in the AI market. The idea is to bring together “compute, data, tools, and talent to accelerate open innovation … to improve foundational capabilities, safety, security and trust in AI.”

Open source innovation is the need of the hour and Meta and IBM spearheading the cause can mean stiff competition for the other side of the fence, or more precisely, the other neighbors with their own fences – Microsoft-OpenAI and Google, most importantly.

The plan seems to begin with the formation of working groups and a governing board before any new project kicks off. They will also be pooling together models, frameworks, hardware, and infrastructure. The inclusion of leading universities such as Berkeley, Insait, Keio University, Yale Engineering, the University of Tokyo, and the University of Notre Dame, as well as leading organizations like MOC Alliance, The Linux Foundation, and Quansight will ensure that the development is multidimensional and truly not-for-profit.

We might still be at a very formative stage when it comes to AI organizations. What role will this new partnership play in the larger scheme of things remains to be seen.

By Abhimanyu

Unwrapping the fast-evolving AI popular culture.