Unitree Reveals $16000 G1 Humanoid

unitree g1 humanoid robot

Intelligent humanoid robots becoming commercially mass-produced is a distant dream, but the robotics company Unitree has taken the next step in closing the gap.

A robot that can do household work, shopping, or schedule meetings for you – that’s the future a lot of people like to envision, even if it means giving them up to robot overlords. Whether you’re on that side of the fence or the other side, which believes that the idea of humans being reduced to only artistic pursuits while robots handle it all is a vain pursuit, the one thing you cannot refute is the breakneck speed at which AI, ML, neuroscience, and robotics are all growing.

In the latest development, robotics company Unitree has teased its new G1 humanoid that can do twists and twirls thanks to its hollow joint wiring. According to the company, the robot is engineered in a way that unlocks “unlimited movement ability.”

It’s being called a humanoid agent and AI avatar and is priced at $16k. That’s actually less than what the majority of households spend on cleaning, helps, and aids in well-to-do households.

Watch the humanoid in action below:

Other companies such as Boston Dynamics, Figure, Tesla, and Sanctuary AI cannot currently promise a $16k intelligent humanoid robot for households. But that might soon change.

The robot helper can be upgraded, and that will make the price higher, of course.

Overall, it looks like a more polished humanoid compared to the company’s previous one called H1. It can become compact so you can carry it easily. Under the hood, it packs 8 high-performance cores, WiFi 6, and Bluetooth 5.2. The G1 can perform motion between 23 and 43 degrees, reach a maximum torque of 120 Nm, run at 2 meters per second, and stay online for 2 hours with a full charge of its 9000 mAh battery pack.

Check the official website for more information.

By Abhimanyu

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