US Plans AI-Powered Military Fleet


The Pentagon is planning an AI-powered fleet of land, sea, and air capabilities including autonomous systems like drones.

The Pentagon is intending to “field a vast network of AI-powered technology, drones, and autonomous systems,” as per a report by The Wall Street Journal (Link—Paywalled). The Pentagon plans to roll out these new air-, sea-, and land-based military systems in the next two years. The primary goal is to counter the China threat as well as other adversaries.

These AI-equipped machines and systems will be autonomous and calibrated to counter any kind of threat. This will be an entire network or fleet of weaponry and tactical systems and more information will be provided by the deputy secretary of defence Kathleen Hicks.

The capabilities that the Pentagon is looking to develop are still more or less shrouded in mystery and the only concrete information is that it will all leverage artificial intelligence. According to the WSJ, the fleet can include self-piloting air- and sea-based drones, and that seems to be the main focus of the investment.

By Abhimanyu

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