Urtopia Installs ChatGPT on Ebike

urtopia fusion

Ebike manufacturer Urtopia installs ChatGPT connected to speakers on their upcoming Fusion model.

Ebike designer and manufacturer Urtopia unveiled its new Fusion ebike that will come integrated with ChatGPT during EUROBIKE 2023. There will also be built-in speakers to convert the text into speech. Riders will be able to ask questions, such as places to visit, when traveling, without having to consult their phone.

More than a tool to improve active travel, it’s a personal assistant embedded on your ebike. The ChatGPT is the free version, and so, cannot give you real-time updates (like on the weather or current events) or tell you about anything after its information cutoff in September 2021.

The company describes the ebike as a “bicycle with a mind.”

The bike is market-ready and comes with additional improvements apart from just the ChatGPT integration. Most notably, the GPS navigation system helps in better route planning and ride safety. Integration with health and fitness apps is also easier.

It’s a 20kg carbon-fiber all-road ebike co-designed with Hartmut Esslinger—The founder of Frog Design and the mind behind Apple’s Snow White industrial design language used in the Apple computer chassis from 1984 to 1990.

By Abhimanyu

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