ChatGPT Plus Update Allows Users to Access All Tools in All Chats

gpt-4 all in one update

New ChatGPT Plus update brings all tools together, including DALL-E, Code Interpreter, document upload, data analysis, and web search.

In a major move, ChatGPT has rolled out an update for the Plus users that allows you to use all features of the AI chatbot from the same interface. Previously, you had to switch between different modes for different functionalities, such as uploading PDFs for scanning or using data analysis. This update enables users to do all of that and more from the same, single chat interface.

Now you can upload documents like PDFs to any chat and talk about it. Additionally, the default “GPT-4 (All Tools)” mode allows you to use Advanced Data Analysis, DALL-E 3, Code Interpreter, and Web Browsing in any chat without moving to a different mode.

What this means is that now users have the power to do everything from live web searches and PDF uploads to data analysis and image generation within the same chat, providing an all-in-one interface.

Plugin support is still separate.

This is a major breakthrough that takes ChatGPT one step closer to the all-rounder “AI assistant” tag. Not only is it going to make processes easier, but it’s also going to make the chatbot extremely powerful compared to even the closest multimodal competitors (multimodal = accepts both, text and image input), such as Poe and Perplexity.

This major update enables “automatic switching.” ChatGPT can now automatically determine which tool you need depending on your prompt and switch to it, without needing the user to do that manually. You can still manually switch between modes by not using the GPT-4 (All Tools) preset.

This also gives a huge blow to ChatGPT wrappers (tools that use ChatGPT’s APIs and functions to provide a hybrid service, like PDF and chat in one place) and many plugins.

ChatGPT’s Enterprise version already had these capabilities since its launch.

A number of users have taken to Twitter/X to upload screenshots of this new update, commenting on the usefulness of the new All Tools default mode:

By Abhimanyu

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