OpenAI Invests $5M+ in Local News

openai partners with american journalism project

OpenAI commits $5M + $5M worth of API credits to AJP for exploring ways to leverage AI in local news ecosystems.

The American Journalism Project (AJP) announced a partnership with OpenAI to support local news. This $5+ million partnership will explore ways in which AI can support the local news field.

AJP works to rebuild local news. As part of the (commitment, deal, arrangement, investment, or donation), OpenAI will help expand AJP’s work with $5 million and provide the company with $5 million worth of OpenAI API credits to deploy generative AI.

To ensure local journalism remains an essential pillar of our democracy, we need to be smart about the potential powers and pitfalls of new technology. In these early days of generative AI, we have the opportunity to ensure that local news organizations, and their communities, are involved in shaping its implications. With this partnership, we aim to promote ways for AI to enhance — rather than imperil — journalism.

Sarabeth Berman, CEO, American Journalism Project

In the official announcement, AJP said that AI can be used to analyze public data, strengthen user experience, and develop new formats to deliver information.

Countering misinformation and disinformation is also on the to-do.

We proudly support the American Journalism Project’s mission to strengthen our democracy by rebuilding the country’s local news sector. This collaboration underscores our mission and belief that AI should benefit everyone and be used as a tool to enhance work. We look forward to working with AJP and its grantees, creating a valuable feedback loop, and exploring ways AI technology can bolster the work of local journalism.

Sam Altman, CEO, OpenAI

The ways in which OpenAI will be used include creating a tech and AI studio, distributing grants to ~10 organizations for AI adoption, and building tools with the OpenAI API credits.

By Abhimanyu

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