Shopify Sidekick: The Web Designer that Understands User Query

shopify sidekick ai assistant

Shopify’s Sidekick will be able to do design tweaks, answer store-related queries, and do product management tasks on your behalf with an AI chatbot-like understanding and Windows Copilot-like interface.

In a different spin to no code development, Shopify previewed its digital assistant called Sidekick, which will help do website creation and editing without coding. Shopify has always been a predominantly drag-and-drop website editor targeted at business owners with no background in coding, to begin with, but Sidekick—A name that’s eerily similar to Copilot that’s also seeing a lot of use to churn websites out without much manual coding/scripting—Will make things even easier.

You can tell Sidekick to “make my store look like a surf shop” and it will oblige. It will tweak the font and colors primarily but can also understand human queries to enhance productivity and improve the whole website creation workflow.

Aimed at helping business owners focus more on doing business and less on the website’s design and layout, Sidekick can also generate ideas much like ChatGPT, and as it has access to your store’s data, it can also help you out with analytics (for example, you can ask why sales dipped in a particular time period).

In terms of the look, it’s similar to the upcoming Windows Copilot app.

Creating a store on Shopify, even if it’s easy to do, can be a little time-consuming and full of repetitive tasks. Sidekick can act as an automation tool as well, speeding up these mundane and repetitive tasks for you.

One of the best things about Sidekick is that it can take things off your to-do lists, and if you so choose, do them for you. It will not question your vision, but if there’s a big change you want to make, it’ll definitely be able to help you with that too.

Tobi Lütke, CEO, Shopify

The capabilities were shared in a preview video and no launch date has been specified.

See the video in the announcement Tweet:

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