Microsoft Launches Commercial ChatGPT

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Azure ChatGPT allows organizations to run isolated ChatGPT instances network-wide and connect internal data sources easily.

Microsoft has launched Azure ChatGPT—A model meant for enterprises. Companies can train the model on their data and connect it to different sources. This will not be connected to OpenAI’s servers, so the data will be secure and private.

This development comes amid the news of multiple companies asking their employees to not use ChatGPT because any proprietary information or code they send to ChatGPT can be read by OpenAI and used for training purposes (it’s a research preview).

Organizations can run Azure ChatGPT on all of their nodes, creating a collaborative and smoother work experience to do various tasks such as code modification or fixing.

The open-source model is available on GitHub and comes with private Azure hosting as well. Any organization already using Microsoft Azure will find it easy to configure the ChatGPT model.

There are three significant benefits to Azure ChatGPT: built-in privacy for all fed data, enterprise-grade network security, and plug and play different data sources to integrate internal services.

The demand for such a tool was very high as company employees continue to use the ChatGPT tool extensively for everything from summarizing meeting notes to writing pieces of code.

The GitHub repository has been taken down for some reason.

Official announcement: ChatGPT is now available in Azure OpenAI Service

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