ChatGPT Releases Enterprise Version

chatgpt enterprise

ChatGPT Enterprise comes with privacy and security for companies with a bunch of new features.

OpenAI announced ChatGPT Enterprise—A version for corporate and large-scale use. It focuses primarily on security and privacy (does not use the company’s inputs to train the model) and offers faster access to the base capabilities. Notably, the Enterprise version also has a higher cap on the message (it can process longer inputs) and comes with a few new features for customization.

In the official announcement, the company mentioned that ChatGPT has been adopted in 80%+ of Fortune 500 companies (based on sign-ups with corporate email addresses). There has been a great demand for an enterprise-grade ChatGPT variant this version aims to fill that gap.

Previously, companies have gotten in trouble for using proprietary data like code to process it in ChatGPT. As the normal ChatGPT (Free and Plus) uses the input data to train its models further, it creates serious security problems for the companies whose employees use the tool (for example, Adobe limited the use and Samsung banned employees).

Microsoft already launched ChatGPT on Azure for commercial uses focusing on privacy and security. The official ChatGPT for Enterprise is statistically better than that, however, and comes with the following features:

  • Model doesn’t learn anything from your use or use your data to train.
  • SOC 2 compliant with encryption.
  • Organization-wide usage insights.
  • No usage caps.
  • Two times faster.
  • 32k context for 4x longer inputs/files.
  • Unlimited access to Code Interpreter for advanced data analytics.
  • Shared chat templates for collaborative workflows.

The Enterprise version can also be connected to other workplace applications and can be set up even for smaller teams.

OpenAI’s page.

By Abhimanyu

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