Baidu Reveals Ernie 4.0, Claims it Matches GPT-4 Performance

baidu ernie 4.0

Baidu CEO revealed Ernie 4.0, commenting how it’s comparable to OpenAI’s GPT-4.

Chinese tech company Baidu revealed the latest version of its AI model called Ernie, Ernie 4.0. During the company’s annual conference in Beijing, CEO Robin Li demonstrated the model and said, “It is not inferior in any aspect to GPT-4.” He also noted that the model has improved significantly since its earlier versions.

Further commenting on the capabilities of the model, Li said that the model has achieved comprehension, reasoning, memory, and generation using algorithms to produce new content, while also being able to understand complex questions and instructions, and being able to apply reasoning and logic to generate answers to user queries.

Li demonstrated many prompts, such as generating advertising materials and an entire novel.

Baidu started as a search engine and has invested heavily in autonomous driving and generative AI in recent years to stay competitive, in line with China’s aim to be an AI superpower by 2030.

There are plans to embed the model across the products that Baidu offers such as business intelligence, maps, and the search engine.

Ernie 4.0 isn’t yet available to the public yet. A handful of people have been given access to test it, however. During the conference, users could scan a QR code to receive an invitation to test the new model behind the chatbot called Ernie Bot.

The English-dubbed version of the entire live event (nearly 3 hours) can be viewed on YouTube (he announces Ernie 4.0 at 12:42):

By Abhimanyu

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