Figure Teases its Humanoid Robot Walking Dynamically

figure 01 humanoid robot

Figure AI teases the dynamic walk of its first model, Figure 01, meant to be a commercially viable workforce option.

In a YouTube video, Bay Area-based AI firm Figure showed its humanoid robot taking its first step. In the video titled “Status Update,” the company shows how it took a team of 60 people and a development time of 12 months to create a humanoid that could do dynamic walking. You can see the video below:

Figure is working on humanoid robots that join the workforce, allowing organizations to “create and produce so much more, address drastic labor shortages, and reduce the number of workers in unsafe jobs.”

The robot is named “Figure 01.” It’s a 5’6” humanoid weighing 60kg. Figure 01 can carry up to 60kg in payload.

Apart from the $100 million bootstrapping from CEO and founder Brett Adcock, the company also raised $70 million to build its general-purpose robots in the first external round, led by Parkway Venture Capital. Intel also backed the humanoid robot project with an equity investment worth $9 million.

The mission of the company’s endeavors is to expand human capabilities through advanced AI. Check Figure’s Master Plan here. The company emerged onto the world scene when it introduced its idea for Figure 01 and the plan to incorporate robotics and AI to build a robot that can think, learn, interact, and help people, back in March 2023.

On its Twitter/X page, the company writes that it is “building the world’s first commercially viable autonomous humanoid robot.”

By Abhimanyu

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