X/Twitter Will Use Personal Data to Train AI Models

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Stack Diary founder Alex Ivanovs spots the change in X/Twitter’s privacy policy to use platform data for training ML and AI models.

X (formerly Twitter) has made some changes to its privacy policy. The updated policy informs how the platform will collect biometric data as well as job and education history. This was reported by Bloomberg on August 31 (Link—Paywalled). And now, web technology news website Stack Diary spotted another change in the privacy policy where the company intends to use your data to “help train [its] machine learning or artificial intelligence models.”

Notably, X CEO Elon Musk is bolstering his presence in the AI segment with the launch of xAI. As another company using an LLM, it needs data to be trained.

While bringing this to light, the founder of Stack Diary Alex Ivanovs notes the following:

The part that interests me the most is that just recently, Elon made a tweet in which he said: “If you’re a journalist who wants more freedom to write and a higher income, then publish directly on this platform!”

He also points out that Musk recently said that Microsoft was using Twitter’s data illegally to train its own AI models and even threatened to bring them to court. Now, that same data is going to be used for any of Elon Musk’s new AI tools, possibly a generative AI tool from the xAI brand.

You can read the privacy policy here. Scroll to section 2.1 for the paragraph that includes the text in question.

The news comes a couple of months after Google made similar changes to its privacy policy and opened information such as app or device usage, search queries and YouTube history, ad clicks and voice information, and even GPS location or IP address as fair game to train its AI models, mainly used for Bard.

By Abhimanyu

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