Google Partners with Hugging Face for Open AI Collaboration

Google Cloud will offer Hugging Face the resources to allow the platform to facilitate open-source AI capabilities and tooling.

In a big boost toward open-source AI development, Google Cloud has partnered with Hugging Face to further the cause of democratizing machine learning and generative AI development. As part of this partnership, Google will collaborate across “open science, open source, cloud, and hardware to enable companies to build their own AI”. Hugging Face already hosts a large number of models and their weights that companies use to run their tools independently.

AI developers use Hugging Face to create their own models. With access to Google Cloud’s superior hardware and resources, building, training, and deploying these models will become better, more efficient, and faster.

In the blog post, Hugging Face mentions how the collaboration will accelerate the task of making the latest AI innovations easily accessible using open-source libraries hosted on the platform. Most notably, this will allow Google Cloud users to train and deploy their AI tools using Google Kubernetes Engine and Vertex AI with all the latest and greatest features such as A3 and C3 VMs (Nvidia H100 GPUs and Intel Sapphire Rapid processors).

For Hugging Face users, the partnership will mean that it becomes easier to create and experience many AI models using Google Cloud Inference Endpoints. Those working on developing new AI models will also be able to use this collaboration to accelerate their applications with TPUs within Hugging Face.

Google Cloud and Hugging Face share a vision for making generative AI more accessible and impactful for developers. This partnership ensures that developers on Hugging Face will have access to Google Cloud’s purpose-built, AI platform, Vertex AI, along with our secure infrastructure, which can accelerate the next generation of AI services and applications

Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud

With this new partnership, we will make it easy for Hugging Face users and Google Cloud customers to leverage the latest open models together with leading optimized AI infrastructure and tools from Google Cloud including Vertex AI and TPUs to meaningfully advance developers’ ability to build their own AI models.

Clement Delangue, CEO, Hugging Face

By Abhimanyu

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